Apprenons le francais


Let's Learn French!



......just click on the French Resources image in the table below to take you to a page of files which you can select, download, edit, print and use wherever whenever.

Cheaper than buying your own!


Learning French involves listening, speaking, reading and .......yes writing.

It needs lots of practise too. Look carefully at the table below. All of the titles are linked to an activity. Just click on them.

Some of the sound files may not work properly if viewed outside Internet Explorer.




Les Magasins


Les Puzzles

I am.........

Visit France

Quelle heure est-il?

Les Parties Du Corps

French Resources

Les Couleurs

Les Numros


 La Ferme


au, eau

Sounds 1


A l'Ecole


Rules Made Easy

Links To Websites

Jours et mois

Je suis

La Famille

Classroom Instructions


Read & Listen.

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