Future Thinking Partnership

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The FTP is a group of 14 Wokingham Primary Heads working together in collaboration in order to contribute to raising local standards of Teaching and Learning. We hope to do this through the development of good practice, shared CPD and the development of a coaching model.

The partnership meets on a half termly basis and between meetings, members are responsible for delivering initiatives which contribute to the overall work of the partnership.

Examples of this could be:

Hosting an Annual conference
Developing and hosting a specific training event using your own staff
Working on a sub-committee steering the direction of a particular project
Partnership Headteachers are expected to contribute their time and effort, although it is understood there are times when school circumstances mean a school will take a ‘back seat’ for a short period of time. However attendance at all 6 meetings is expected.

The benefits of membership:

Support from a group of local, like minded Heads
Ensuring your staff access high quality, locally driven CPD. FTP Schools have first access onto all FTP programmes and initiatives
An opportunity to work beyond your school as a System Leader, influencing local provision