Learning & Assessment

At Lambs Lane, we believe that assessment is essential for celebrating children’s achievements and ensuring they become reflective learners. It is used to record performance and provide effective feedback to pupils, parents and staff. Using assessment, we hope to actively involve all pupils in their learning and help them to identify areas that they could develop.

During their School life there are some statutory tests that the children will have to take: Year 1 Phonics check, Year 2 SATS and Year 6 SATS.

The links above give a more detailed overview of the work being covered by each team.

Lambs Lane has embraced the opportunity presented by the introduction of the new National Curriculum to review its Curriculum Policy. We believe that in order to provide a context for learning that engages our pupils it must be:

Mathematics, reading and writing are taught in classes and follow the programmes of study in the National Curriculum. Phonics in Key Stage 1 is taught in small focussed groups 3/4 times a week and is based on the Letters and Sounds scheme with some resources taken from Jolly Phonics. A wide variety of graded reading books builds on the children’s joy of reading. The school library provides scope for teaching reference skills as well as extending the choice each child has to read for pleasure.

The other elements of the school’s curriculum follows the National Curriculum but is developed into cross-curricular programmes of study. The topics are built into a two-year rolling programme to accommodate Y1 and Y2 sharing the same topic and the vertical grouping structure in Y3-Y6.

It takes time to build a new curriculum and, although we have decided upon the main structure of the topics and the links made between some subjects, work is on-going.