‘The depth and breadth of the curriculum offer, complemented by well-planned enrichment activities, enables ALL pupils to achieve their maximum potential in all subject areas.’

(IQM 2016)

All staff at Lambs Lane are committed to providing high quality learning experiences for the children.

We have thought carefully about the range of learning experiences that we offer children and ensure that we not only think about the knowledge that children need to learn but also the progression of skills that they need to acquire and the attributes they will need to get along with others. We believe passionately that children should become confident and independent thinkers and learn how to work with a range of people in a range of situations. We ensure that we facilitate learning experiences that will prepare children for the next step in their education and adult lives.

Our children participate in a rich variety of first hand experiences which will bring their learning to life. We are committed to providing a safe, happy, secure and stimulating learning environment.

Our curriculum develops children’s positive attitudes towards learning and encourages them to take initiatives and apply learnt skills to solve problems. We ensure every child is supported and challenged as they explore and develop their intellectual, social, emotional, cultural, moral, physical and creative skills. We develop children’s understanding, and appreciation of, life in modern Britain and support them in growing into independent and positive citizens, who feel confident about who they are, and always show respect for others.

Each child is nurtured as an individual and we work in partnership with parents/carers to provide a supportive and inclusive experience; everyone is valued and all achievements are celebrated.

To see what your child is learning through each Term curriculum click on the picture below:


Years 1-2

Autumn Term - WW1 and the Poles

The PolesWW1


Spring Term - Pirates



Summer Term - The Circus and All Creatures Great and Small

The CircusAll creatures smallAll creatures great


Years 3-4

Autumn Term - under review

Spring Term  - Stones and Bones under review

Stones and Bones

Summer Term - In to the Woods

In to the Woods


Years 5-6

Autumn Term - The Great Wars

The World Wars


Spring Term - Aim for the Stars

Aim for the stars


Summer Term - Angry Earth

Angry Earth