At Lambs Lane, we have adopted the Phonics scheme, Read Write Inc.

Read-Write Inc mission statement- Ruth Miskin Training:

Read Write Inc. programmes work because we get children’s brain ‘COGS’ working.

Everything CONNECTS: children connect sounds with mnemonic pictures; words with their meanings; and stories with the sounds they know. They connect their own experiences to the stories they read and learn to lift the words off the page.

Children learn ONE thing at a time and practise it until it becomes second nature. Interactive practice keeps children focused, and their capacity to learn develops exponentially.

They learn at their GOLDILOCKS spot (not too easy, not too hard) with others at a similar challenge level. No time is wasted.

Children remember what they learn by SAYING it out loud to a partner. If they can’t explain it, the teacher repeats it until they can.

What’s more, our teachers are trained so they have capacity to show love for what they do. The more they love teaching, the more the children love learning.

Our Phonic Strategy:
• All children in EYFS and Year 1 enrolled as a matter of course. Additional children from upper years enrolled alongside where their learning needs still sit within a phonic programme.
• Children take place in 4x full RWI lessons each week
• Phonic sessions start in EYFS where sounds learning builds up to allow a reading and writing programme to begin and work alongside.
• Sessions in Year 1 onwards comprise of three sections: sounds, reading and Get Writing
• Children are assessed half-termly and grouped accordingly
• Sessions are rigorous, snappy and successful for all
• All children take home books to coincide directly with their level of phonic knowledge
• Children who show a need for additional support are tutored 1:1 during the afternoon sessions. This helps to ensure all children keep up, and don’t have to catch up.

Phonics at Home:

Click on the Read Write Inc logo below to go to a helpful parent guide with free eBooks, videos and links to buy your own resources for home:



On Wednesday 11th November 2020 we held a Parent meeting to share how Read Write Inc works and how you can help your child at home.

Here are the presentation and questions and answers from that meeting, click on the links below:


Questions and Answers.