School Development Plan

2016-2017 Key Priorities

Next year we would like your support to make improvements to the following areas:






High Expectations


To expect the best of everybody at all times


  • There is a relentless focus on T&L
  • Lessons are challenging
  • Mediocrity is challenged
  • We all work together to ensure success
  • There is consistency of expectation across the school
  • Give of their best in every situation
  • Wear their uniform with pride
  • Show respect to all members of the school community
  • Encourage pupils to wear their uniform properly
  • Read with pupils 5 times per week
  • Ensure attendance is good and pupils are on time.



Pupils writing improve as a result of having better strategies for spelling


  • Improve the teaching of spelling by providing new resources and training
  • Implement a system of ‘non-negotiables’
  • Improve the way we mark spellings
  • Do their spelling homework
  • Make sure they check the non-negotiable spellings before finishing
  • Respond to marking
  • Support pupils in completing their spelling homework



Attainment in Maths increases as a result of pupils being secure in their use of number strategies


  • Implement Number Masters in KS1
  • Continue to develop number mastery in KS2 through regular practice including Big Maths
  • Learn number bonds (to 10, to 20 and to 100) and times tables (to 12x12 and multiples of 10 and 100)
  • Challenge themselves
  • Support pupils in learning number bonds and times tables



Lunchtime and playtime are a positive experience for pupils and staff


  • Re-evaluate provision for playtimes
  • Implement new equipment and activities 


  • Play with care and respect
  • Sports Leaders take responsibility for activities and support lunchtime staff




Assessment practices and AfL have a positive impact on learning outcomes


  • Improve assessment of Foundation subjects
  • Develop AfL strategies further – C3B4ME and MAGIC
  • Continue to develop parents understanding of the assessment process


  • Ensure that B4L is outstanding through using C3B4ME and MAGIC strategies
  • Demonstrating resilience
  • Talk to their children about the importance of resilience and independence