School Council

What pupils think about our school is very important to us and our pupil elected School Council are there to tell us. Elections are held at the beginning of each academic years and members are chosen by their classmates – their task to help make Lambs Lane a better place in which to learn. They meet with the Head at least every other week and have termly meetings with a member of the Governing Body.

They organise regular charity events for Children in Need, Comic Relief and Sport Relief as well as anything else that might become a focus for them. Each November it is their responsibility to organise and manage the sale of poppies for Remembrance.

 School Council

At the beginning of the year we made a list of Even Better If’s which we have been working on. As you can see we have had some successes already.  If you have any ideas for our next projects, let us know


The football at lunchtimes wasn’t so crowded

 We changed the rota so that now it is better.

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We had basketball bibs at lunchtime

Grace will be asking Mrs Salter if there are any in the PE cupboard that we can use.

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We had equipment at playtimes

 We are currently asking our classes what equipment they would like

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We always got the right dinner

We are putting a sign-up sheet in the hall. Please sign it on the right date if you get the wrong meal for any reason.

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The bus was open at lunchtime

This is done.

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We could use the goals at lunchtime

 Not sure we can do this – they take too long to put up.

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The Buddy Bench was being used


This is our next priority.