Sports and Activity Clubs

After School Clubs

Each term the staff and our Sports Coach run a series of after school clubs. Forms to join the clubs are sent out to parents at the beginning of each term with full details. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and government restrictions we haven't been able to offer our normal clubs in the 2020/2021 academic year. Once restrictions allow we will set up all our clubs again.

We do also try and offer Drama Club through Bezerk, this is fully dependent on demand.

After school clubs allow children the chance to let off a bit of steam outside the classroom in a safe, familiar environment where there is no pressure. The main objective is for the children to have fun and enjoy themselves! Children can benefit emotionally and behaviourally if they feel a positive connection to other people. The relationships that are created between staff and children in an after-school club are based around fun and not just academic abilities.

During the Summer Term 2021 we have been able to run some clubs within our bubbles. The Sports Clubs have been chosen by the children in a fair voting system. With no surprise football has been our most popular, with years 3,5,6 taking part in various football drills and matches throughout this term. While year 4s chose to do Tennis, where they have been working on their volleys and forehands.