Health and Wellbeing Information

From time to time we are sent information relating to our Children's and our own health and well being. We will share this information as and when we receive it.

Click on the links below to find out more.

Children's Health Guide: Newborn to Preteen

Consumer Safety Guide 

There are many benefits to walking, scooting or cycling to school. Read more here.


Covid-19 - A quick guide for parents and carers. What to do if your child has symptoms. Click here.


Coping During Lockdown.

In April 2020 the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group sent out some guides to support families during the coronavirus lockdown. Below you can read the guides issued. They are also available online along with a host of other helpful information, click here.

#Coping - Family Life during the Lockdown.


Family VibEs  - Living Values in the home.

The following leaflets have been put together by Family VibEs, brought to you by Values-based Education International. You can also join their Facebook group for more activities and information.