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The Great Fire of Lambs Lane - posted 22nd Sep

The Wrens and Woodpeckers have had a very exciting return to school and in history have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. The children were extremely enthusiastic and very excited to create their own version of the fire on the field. When we came back to the classroom, the children worked in pairs to write about what happened.

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Year 6 PP

Incredible fun at Paulton's Park! - posted 1st Jul

On Tuesday 22nd June, Herons went to Paulton’s Park. We travelled by coach - it took just over an hour. The first thing we did when we got there was go on Flight of the Pterosaur, where we saw lots of dinosaurs. Over the course of the day, we went on a so many rides, including: the carousel, Storm Chaser, Velociraptor, Cyclonator and the Cat-o-pillar. We had a blast!

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Learning in the Wrens! - posted 30th Jun

In the Wrens, we have been learning about some different rivers around the world. The Nile is the longest river in the world. In some rivers, there are dams which are used to take the water and use it for drinking and electricity. The Colorado River has a very big dam (not the biggest in the world though). As the River Thames gets nearer to the mouth, it gets wider. We have also been learning about coastline features such as a spit, stacks, headland, sand dunes, cliffs and a rock armour.

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Filming 2

TV Stars of the Autumn! - posted 14th May

There was much excitement in school on Tuesday 14th May as we hosted some filming for Defenders UK. Playforce Playgrounds, who installed our fantastic play equipment were being interviewed for an episode all about playground safety.

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Berkshire Maestros Wow the Robins - posted 6th May

Over the past few weeks the Robins have been taking part in some taster sessions from Berkshire Maestros. Ms Prince has wowed the class with her brass instrument skills, shown us a few of the instruments from the brass family and taught us some techniques and notes on the tenor horn.

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Why Do Ladybirds Have Spots? - posted 6th May

We've had a fantastic time with the Owls class since we returned to school in March, it’s been very busy. Since our last article in January we have worked really hard through another lockdown. All the children should be extremely proud of themselves for the independent and resilient learners they have become.

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Momentous Monday

Momentous Monday - Express Yourself! - posted 11th Feb

On Monday 1st February we had our first ever online whole school assembly. To mark the start of Children's Mental Health Awareness week everyone was invited to join the assembly via Teams. We had children at home, children in school, teachers and teaching assistants all online at the same time - it was spectacular!

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