Busy Times in Year 1

Year One have been very busy since returning from their Easter break, we have so much to tell you! Not only did we move classrooms, we've also been learning loads!

In Geography we have been learning about Human features, we were able to identify different human features and sort these from physical features. We focused on bridges in our lesson and worked in groups to create a variety of bridge structures using paper straws.

History has allowed us to learn about the Wright brothers and the impact they had on aviation. We had lots of fun designing our own paper airplanes and seeing how far they could travel.

In Science, we conducted an investigation following our Geography lesson to understand how different building materials can impact a bridge's ability to be free standing. We worked in the same groups as Geography and created free standing bridges from bricks, paper and card.

In PSHE we have been learning about relationships and what it means to be a good friend. We have completed many different activities including sharing our thoughts on friendship with the class.

In our maths lessons we have been introduced to fractions, exploring halves and having lots of fun designing a drawing of our favourite pizza which we cut in half to show this as two equal parts. We also investigated halving amounts of different objects in the classroom.

In our Art lessons we tested our skills in creating a picture inspired by Matisse using different colours and shapes.

And! We've continued to build on our phonics skills. What a busy time!

Everyone should be very proud of how hard they are working, well done Year 1!

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