Community Week: Year 6 Work Experience!

From Monday 10th June the pupils in Year 6 all went out on work experience to help in the community for 4 days. Everyone had different activities throughout the week for a morning or afternoon. There were many places that the children went to, such as: JAC Yard, Budgens, Waitrose, Chapel Lane Pre-School, Swallowfield Nursery, Caf’active and Cow City Stables.

At JAC Yard, the children helped out with Guinea-pigs and rabbits; did some gardening (in the rain) and helped out clearing the area for the chickens. Cow City and Risely Stables saw children learning all about horses and they had the opportunity to clear out stables (a particularly smelly job!) and to groom some of the horses.

Meanwhile, at Chapel Lane Pre-school, FarmView Nursery and Swallowfield Nursery some of the year 6s helped the younger children to play and read stories while others organised games in the garden.

Food preparation, advertising and customer service were the order of the day at Caf’ Active - eating crisps and paninis were another favourite too. At Waitrose, the use of the pricing gun to reduce stock, was a definite favourite!

We would all like to say a huge thank you to all of the organisations that offered places to the Year Six children; there were lots of wonderful learning opportunities about the different businesses and it was agreed, a good time was had by all.

Mrs Meikle - Year 6 Class Teacher


Jac Yard

Caf Activ 00000002Budgens