Egyptian Workshop - Years 3 and 4

Year 3 reports on their Egyptian Workshop!

On Wednesday 4th October we dressed up as Egyptians and spent the day learning about ancient Egypt. Our visitor was very funny and set up different activities for us to enjoy. We had to find answers to a quiz, play a board game, measure objects, read the hieroglyphics, make a mummy, hunt the animals and act out a story.

Kaliyah: I came to school dressed as Cleopatra. The best part was when I got to help Dr to mummify Pharaoh Geoff. The first job I had to was scrub him under the arms. I had to put his brains in a Canopic jar. Then we had to wrap Pharaoh Geoff but we wrapped the Doc up too it was funny. I loved Egyptian day because we had lots of activities and games to play.

Jateesh: We played a game called Hunting on the Nile. We scored different points for each animal we hit. We had to try not to hit the hare or the domestic cat because then we would have points take away. I enjoyed this game because we had lots of cheering and sometimes the animals fell over.

Sophie: On Egyptian day we had a parade to bury Pharaoh Geoff after he was mummified. I had a special gift to bury him with. My gift was a Scarab beetle. First we had to march around while the other children cried and shouted “Praise to the Pharaoh” When it was my turn I put his gift around his sarcophagus. It was a fun day because we got to dress up as Egyptians and did fun activities.