Happy Shoesday!

As part of walk to school week, the pupils at Lambs Lane Primary decided to take part in Shoesday on Tuesday 22nd May. On this day pupils were given the opportunity to wear their own shoes to school and bring in a donation for Living Streets charity. The theme was to wear shoes that made you happy. Pupils were able to decorate their own shoes there were shoes with fur, sparkles, ribbon, googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Living Streets charity would like to see all children walk to school. We learnt that a generation ago 70% of pupils walked to school. Sadly, today less than half of us walk to school. This inspired the school council to organise Shoesday at our school.

The school council were given the task of collecting money, giving out Shoesday stickers and taking photographs of the shoes that made pupils happy. We were pleased that so many pupils took part in this event and we raised £112.30 for this fantastic local charity.

Written by the School Council.

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