If You go Down to the Woods Today, You're Sure of an Owl Surprise

As we are starting to see brighter weather and lovely long afternoons the Owls (foundation stage) have started their weekly trips to the woods. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore nature and the outdoors, as well as extending their physical development and understanding of their local area. Each week has a different theme, whether that be based on a familiar story or challenges based on number, patterns and following clues.

Our latest challenge was to find a safe place to climb. The children could choose where they felt most comfortable climbing and had to plan a way up and then down again. This could be climbing a tree or climbing up onto a fallen tree and navigating the way along and back again. The children quickly realised their own limits but soon gained confidence in trying other places to climb. We even found a rope swing on one of the trees to test our strength!

Next week we are following clues to find the hidden treasure. We love cracking codes and working out riddles so it will be lots of fun.

Philippa Weller- Owls Class Teacher

Owls Woods 2