Kingfishers Can't Wait to Come Back to School!

We’ve done it! We have survived another lockdown and have completed our remote learning at home,  or in school, and are ready to all return to Lambs Lane from the 8th March!

One of the things we’ve enjoyed from this experience (which will be in history books one day) is having time to enjoy stories. We’ve shared our lockdown stories and experiences on our daily online chats. In English, we’ve written some fantastic suspense stories and have used features we’ve learnt over the course of lockdown. As a class, we’ve listened in to teachers reading three books: Worry Website, Cliffhanger and we’re now in the middle of Letters from the Lighthouse. These stories have supported our PSHE and enhanced our understanding of our WWII history topic. We’ve been epic on the EPIC website, reading for 52 hours in total!

STEM Week was one of our favourite weeks. The science, technology, engineering and maths activities set around the theme ‘Seven’ certainly got us thinking creatively! We baked, built, designed, evaluated, and developed our problem-solving skills and had lots of fun along the way. The work we produced during this time was brilliant and our teachers were very proud of us.

Since January, Kingfishers have been developing their fluency in French, learning how to describe food using a variety of adjectives. Miss Boyd was so impressed with the videos of pupils speaking French aloud! The Kingfishers have become so proficient they were able to translate French to English AND English to French. Wow!

We ended our lockdown learning with a successful World Book Day. In school, children dressed up as their favourite book character. The whole school had lots of fun watching the ‘Masked Reader’ videos and guessing which member of staff was behind the mask! We have been taking pictures of ourselves doing some ‘extreme reading’ and written some fantastic short stories in under 200 words.

Well done, Kingfishers, for all your efforts and hard work. We are so pleased that we will all be back together in school again and we’re looking forward to having a fun-filled first week back!

Mrs French, Miss Boyd and Mrs Osborne

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