Lambs Lane Summer School

Dinton Pastures

During the last week of the summer holidays, we invited some pupils to attend our annual Summer School. The children took part in different activities each day. The week started with a trip to Dinton Pastures. Upon arrival we walked to the lake and got our life jackets on. The children were split into groups and went around the lake on Pedalos. They loved seeing all the wildlife and dodging the fisherman’s lines in the water. After half an hours sailing the children were given time to explore the park. The adults were very proud watching the children take, turns encourage and support each other whilst having fun.

Mrs Smith - Class Teacher

Children's Accounts of the Trip

Here are two children’s recounts of the trip:

"Yesterday, me and Robbie went to Dinton Pastures and we went on a mini bus.

I was ecstatic to go on a Pedalo.

The waves made swishing sounds as we sailed. When I was on the Pedalo I saw ducks and geese.

After that we went to the park and I went up a climbing wall. I felt scared but it was fun."

By Levi

"Yesterday, me and Sophia went to Dinton Pastures on the minibus. We went there to sail on Pedalos.

I went on a Pedalo I felt excited because I love to go on water on Pedalos. After 5 minutes of being on the Pedalo I felt tired because I had been peddaling. While I was on the Pedalo I saw a man fishing, a couple of ducks and geese and other boys sailing.

To sum it all up it was the best day ever and I wouldn’t want change any bit of it."

By Robbie

Science Day

The children were treated to a Science day. The first activity was all about air. Children had to use air to blow up balloons and watch the air moving balloons inside and outside the classroom. It was great fun trying to control the balloons when blown by gusts of air we created with the parachute.

The second activity was all about feathers. We talked about what feathers are used for by animals and then humans. Children studied the feathers with magnifying glasses and dissected their feather, pulling off the plumes and cutting the stems. After that, the children “travelled back in time” and used feather dipped in ink to draw and write letters to a loved one. Finally we cut open feather pillow and tried to control the feathers as they floated in the air around the classroom and then much to the children’s delight, we took another feather pillow outside and tried to catch the feathers blowing in the wind.

Final Day

On the final day the children took part in sports activities and games and discussed keeping fit and healthy. The children had a busy and fun filled four days and here are two of their comments to sum up the experience:

“It was really fun and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it with my brother” – Kyle

“Summer school was BRILLIANT because the teachers made it fun!” – Levi

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