Learning in the Wrens!

In the Wrens, we have been learning about some different rivers around the world. The Nile is the longest river in the world. In some rivers, there are dams which are used to take the water and use it for drinking and electricity. The Colorado River has a very big dam (not the biggest in the world though). As the River Thames gets nearer to the mouth, it gets wider. We have also been learning about coastline features such as a spit, stacks, headland, sand dunes, cliffs and a rock armour.

In Art, we have learnt about Frida Kahlo who was a Mexican artist. She painted lots of self-portraits and used primary colours. We have started to draw our own self-portraits. Frida had to paint most of her artwork in bed because she was involved in a bus crash. Sometimes she painted pictures of her foot!

IMG 7141               IMG 7143

In our history lessons, we have been exploring sporting events in the past. We learnt about the 1896 Olympics (the first modern day Olympics). We had fun trying out some of the sports on the field. Did you know a man called Thomas Burke invented the crouched start for races at these Olympics? Everyone thought he looked funny doing it but he proved them wrong by winning the race!

4               8


We have all been working really hard in English and phonics. Some of us have been writing newspaper reports about horses almost being made into horse pie!

We are looking forward to our summer holidays and coming back into Year 3!