Momentous Monday - Express Yourself!

On Monday 1st February we had our first ever online whole school assembly. To mark the start of Children's Mental Health Awareness week everyone was invited to join the assembly via Teams. We had children at home, children in school, teachers and teaching assistants all online at the same time - it was spectacular!

Mrs Finn lead the assembly talking about our mental health and how important it is to express ourselves, the theme of the week. She even told us about her morning 'rage' when she discovered her family hadn't done the washing up or loaded the dishwasher! Mrs Finn also talked about her worries about leading the assembly! It's ok to have big emotions and to share them.

Throughout the week every class was set activities and lessons on the subject of express yourself. There were mindfulness activities including keeping active and colouring.

Mrs Finn finished the assembly by reading the poem The hope-o-potamus by Greg Jones and Chris Smith. It is a beautiful and thought provoking poem. If you would like to read it you can see it online by clicking here.

Momentous MondayThe Hope o potamus