Robins Rock at Lockdown Learning

Well, what a few weeks it has been!

National lockdown has (as you all know) sadly continued so most of the Robins have been learning at home while a few have been coming in to school. Those who have come in, have had the honour of being led by Mrs Rose and Mrs Evans – who have thought up lots of great activities to do alongside those on the Google Classroom, including baking hedgehog bread rolls last week!

Despite being at home, we have continued to work really hard. In English, we have worked on an adventure story where our main character gained the strength to defeat a bully; a non-chronological (information) report on a goblin(!); and lots of descriptive writing around our new class novel: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (CATCF) by Roald Dahl! It is fair to say that we have impressed Miss Penn with our learning from home. It is also true to say that we are enjoying the story of CATCF so much. Even though lots of us have seen the movie version, we are completely drawn in by the wonderful description- and most days we finish the chapter with tummies rumbling almost as loud as the Buckets’ tummies are at the beginning of the story!

We have been busy in other areas of the curriculum too. We have soldiered on with learning new methods to multiply and divide in maths, as well as learning lots about plants, their parts and their lifecycles in science. In history we have had an introduction to the Anglo-Saxons (who invaded Britain after the Romans left but were not fans of the new Roman technology – instead they created village-style farming-based homesteads – very much like the ones we learnt about earlier in the year which were popular in the Bronze Age). In geography, we have looked into the difference between climate and weather (one is obvious – it’s right outside the window whereas the other takes an age-long 30 years of research to determine).

As well as all of this, we have had time to fit in some art: lots of which has been based around Stonehenge; some computing (which included some awesome Minecraft-style work); a little French; some RE and lots of PSHE – especially during Children’s Mental Health Week.

One of the highlights of our lockdown days are our daily class catch-ups. We meet at 9:15am each morning- because we are Robins – the early birds who catch the worms! And we play all kinds of fantastic games! Disney music quizzes and scavenger hunts are some of our favourites!

Well done Robins – you are doing so well! I am looking forward to the day when we can all be learning in the classroom once more!

Miss Penn

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