Victorian Times at Reading Museum!

On Tuesday 15th March, Wrens and Woodpeckers got out of the classroom and got to do some learning at Reading Museum. On their return to school, Wrens wrote some recounts of our day out of class.

On Tuesday, Wrens and Woodpeckers went on a school trip. We went on a coach to Reading museum.
First, we looked around the museum. We saw some broken bowls and some old rings. My favourite part was dressing up because it was fun. - Nancy

First we looked around the museum. We saw lots of medals and some broken bowls. My favourite part was looking at the football stuff because I support Liverpool. - Emma

After lunch, we looked at Victorian toys. We played with spinners and looked through a flick book. I dressed up as a rich Victorian child. - Francesca

After lunch, we looked at some Victorian toys. We watched a zoetrope and we looked at a flick book. Some Victorian families had 9 children. Rich Victorians had marbles made of marble and poor Victorians had marbles made out of chalk. - Eliza

Here's what some of the Woodpeckers thought about the trip:

I really liked the animals, especially the Stags. - Tilly

I really enjoyed the coach journey and exploring the museum. - Freddie

I really liked the long Viking sword. - Frankie

I really enjoyed seeing the swords and the Bayeux tapestry. - Jessica


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