Why do squirrels hide their nuts?

What a fantastic start to the school year we have had in Owls!

The children all started so confidently in September making Miss Gascoyne and their parents really proud. We had a fantastic first term learning all about different stories in our topic "Will you read me a story?" and we have just started our second topic "Why do squirrels hide their nuts?".

The Owls class have been really busy learning all the set one sounds in phonics and using their new found phonics confidence to complete some incredible independent learning throughout the day.

We have learnt all our numbers to 10 using Number Zoo, our favourite animal story was Naughty 9 he was a very cheeky elephant! We love spending time together as a class and all the children have formed wonderful friendships with each other.

The Owls class are currently making all their teachers incredibly proud with the amazing home learning they are completing.

It is an absolute pleasure teaching Owls class. Miss Gascoyne.

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