New Toilets for Key Stage 2

We are so excited to have our new Key Stage 2 toilets finally completed! The project started nearly 2 years ago when the project was quoted for and plans pulled together.

The pupils in Year 6 who left us in the Summer of 2019 worked with Mrs Shepherd and the potential contractors to form the plans. This included new sensor lighting, new doors, cubicle sizes, new urinals, moving heaters to create more space and replacing tiles with floor to ceiling hygienic wall coverings.

The colour schemes were suggested by the Year 6 pupils who left us in the Summer of 2020. Mrs Finn had the final say though!

The whole project was delayed partly due to covid and partly due to availability of the contractors. Finally in October Half Term 2020 CTS started work on Saturday 24th. By the Tuesday they were confident that they would get both toilets done! There was a lot of excitement amongst the staff that the project would finally be completed.

Late on Monday 2nd November the work was completed! There were a few minor snagging issues to be ironed out but the toilets, new sinks, new mirrors and everything was in and ready to be used on our return to school on Tuesday 3rd November. Here are some before and after photos!

Toilet photos