Rhos Y Gwaliau - Year 6 Residential Trip 2018

On Sunday 7th October year 6 from Lambs Lane Primary School were given the pleasure of spending a whole week at Rhos Y Gwaliau Outdoor Education Centre, Wales. At 9:30 sharp we set off on our mammoth journey. After a thorough goodbye to our loved ones, the coach turned out of Lambs Lane and on to a new adventure.

As soon as the coach stopped in Wales, there was a united cheer from the children; followed by a waterfall of heavy suitcases flowing into the cloisters. Little did we know, there would be no time to relax as we were ushered into the common room. As soon as we were introduced, we eagerly set off to find our dorms. However, not so eagerly awaiting the making of our beds – a very challenging task for some. No later than we had got everyone out of their duvet covers, we were soon flooding the store room, where we were equipped with walking boots, waterproofs and a backpack for the week ahead.

After a delicious slap-up dinner of fish and chips, we headed out into the night, where many furry friends were waiting for us in the wilderness, including hedgehogs, bats and the most amazing sheep. Many sore feet later, we were tucked up in bed after a soothing hot chocolate and our eyes slowly closed with a story; although not everyone wanted to go to sleep!

“Good morning!” echoed around our rooms as we slowly readied ourselves for the action-packed day ahead; which required the determination needed to climb a mountain; walk in a cave; or scramble over rocks.

Many fun, tiring and eventful days followed, as we were helped along by the many encouraging staff and the thought that if we continued for just a little bit longer, we would make it to the warm showers, delicious dinners and the well-earned hot chocolate at the end of every day.

Each time we trudged, dripping, into the cloisters; we reminded ourselves of the fantastic stories we had collected to tell our parents. We all had an absolute blast and although we struggled to keep our eyes open on the way back from Rhos Y Gwaliau, we bounced off the coach and began to recount the events of the past week at one million miles an hour.

Ellen and Leo, Year 6.

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