Scootering and Skateboarding with the Merlins

Last half term we were incredibly lucky to have a visit from some experts in skateboarding and scootering. They came into school and ran a workshop for us. They spent the best part of a day with our year 3 and 4 classes and taught us all how to skateboard and scooter correctly and even showed us how to do some tricks! We enjoyed lots of fun in the hall trying out new skills and everyone proved to be so resilient and persevered, even when we found it tricky. It was brilliant to learn some new skills and be really active for the day.

What the Merlins thought…

“It was really fun because we got to learn cool tricks and to just ride a skateboard. The tricks that we did were so hard that it takes some people four days but we did it in one hour”.

IMG 8585IMG 8579
“It was very friendly because he helped us”.
“It was easy because some of the tricks you had to jump on them, some you had to ride on and it was fun!”.

“Some of the tricks looked hard and scary but were quite easy once we tried them.”
“I thought it was really good and really fun to ride and learn how to ride them properly.”

IMG 8577IMG 8575IMG 8574IMG 8573IMG 8572IMG 8571IMG 8567IMG 8565IMG 8564
“I thought it was really cool because we got to do really cool tricks. When we did the scootering, it was really fun because we could swerve around a lot and did a 360 wheelie”.