Self Portraits in the Woodpeckers

In art this half term, we have been learning all about Frida Kahlo. The children have been extremely enthusiastic during their art lessons and have enjoyed the opportunity for independence it has given them.

We began the topic by making a double page spread in our sketchbook. The children had facts, pictures of the artist’s work alongside colouring pencils, watercolour paint, oil pastels, pens, charcoal, feathers, textured paper and chalk to get creative and make a title page all about her.


The following week we looked at one of her most famous paintings – ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’. We looked very carefully at the details she used before practising drawing eyes and lips – again the children had a variety of different mediums to experiment with. After we’d made some mistakes and practised different techniques, we had to complete half of the painting. The children enjoyed this challenge and tried to add in lots of different details. They also loved having myself, Miss Markham and Miss Lugton sitting alongside them completing our picture.


The children continued to impress us with the praise they gave their friends and words of encouragement when their partner made a mistake. We were all very impressed with their perseverance and concentration.

I look forward to next week’s lesson where they create their own Self-Portrait.

Miss Hayler