Singing and Playing Robins!

We love music in the Robins!

We have enjoyed the music units we have studied so far this year (especially our Abba Mamma Mia one) and many of us joined the choir for the Junior Music Festival performance at the Hexagon in November.

More recently though, we have been learning an instrument all together. Ms Prince comes each week from the Berkshire Maestros and she is teaching us how to play the cornet. This is our In2Music project!

The cornet is a member of the brass family. It is very like a trumpet, but the pipes have been twisted a little more to make it a little smaller and easier to hold.

To play the cornet, you have lick your lips, push them together then blow a raspberry sound into the mouthpiece. We all managed this really well, so we have been learning some notes. So far, we have learnt B, C, D and E! This means we have been able to read music and play a few tunes including ‘hot cross buns’!

Some of us are finding learning an instrument tricky, but we are all enjoying the challenge. Ms Prince has told us that we are very musical and has whizzed us through to lesson 5/6 already!

We are very much looking forward to being able to invite some family members to see us in concert at the end of our learning time… and many of us are thinking that we might want to continue learning the cornet once the project has finished!

Here are some quotes from the Robins about music:

“Learning the cornet is easy for me but I want to work on making it sound professional!” Jude, 8.

“It’s very fun – everyone should try the cornet!” Chester, 9.

“Learning an instrument is very fun but you need to put time and effort into it.” Olivia, 9.

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