Stars and Stripes with Year 5 and 6

This term, Year 5 and 6 have been working on the topic of Stars and Stripes - learning all about America. We have put our map skills to the test, locating states and we completed art work based on the American artist, Jasper Johns. Our topic culminated in Thanksgiving celebrations on the fourth Thursday in November.

We learnt about the first Thanksgiving as well as how it is celebrated in America today. We were most intrigued by the fact that they enjoy pumpkin pie and had the chance to make our own. The overall verdict – delicious! We also made Thanksgiving turkeys from pine cones with messages of things we were grateful for and cards. It was lovely to hear the children talk about being grateful for family and friends, that they appreciated clean clothes to wear, warm homes to live in and were thankful for clean water when they turned on the tap.

We had a chance to go on a school trip to the Natural History museum in Tring as we have been looking at adaptation and evolution in Science. Everyone was agreed that the museum was a fascinating place with lots of unusual animals to see – even some that are now extinct. A workshop helped us to understand better how some animals are adapted to live in their environment.

As the term is coming to an end, we have recently had our Christmas Fayre which the Year 5 and 6 made and ran the games rooms. Good fun was had by all and lots of money raised for the school.

Stephanie Meikle

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