Talking Paintings at the National Gallery!

Year 5 and 6 had a brilliant time on their trip to London to visit The National Gallery.

We set off on the coach and arrived at Trafalgar Square, where we spotted Nelson’s Column, lots of London Buses, water fountains, huge lion statues and a sculpture huge dollop of ice cream complete with a drone and fly on top! After the excitement of arriving, we made our way to the gallery.

As soon as we walked through the exhibition space, we were in awe of the huge paintings and luxurious decor; we had to behave respectfully and quietly since there were lots of other visitors enjoying the masterpieces. Some of us had a particular painting we wanted to see. Lucas wanted to see The Fighting Temeraire; Annie was desperate to see Starry Night (although we learned that it is actually displayed in America, so the Haystacks and Sunflowers were an amazing alternative); Ruma and Spencer were keen to find the George and the Dragon; and lots of us wanted to see Bathers at Asnieres after Mrs French had talked about how huge the piece was.

We all had a Talking Paintings workshop with a member of staff from the gallery who encouraged us to look closely at a painting and understand the story behind it, using clues and symbols. The Ambassadors painting was one of our favourites as we discovered that there is a skull and a third man in the painting if you view it from a certain angle!

After some time exploring the gallery and spotting lots of paintings that we have studied in school, we sketched and completed a treasure hunt before it was time to set off back to school.

It was great to be able to view famous pieces of art up-close and experience a gallery.

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