The Great Fire of Lambs Lane

The Wrens and Woodpeckers have had a very exciting return to school and in history have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. The children were extremely enthusiastic and very excited to create their own version of the fire on the field. When we came back to the classroom, the children worked in pairs to write about what happened.

In our classroom we made houses from shoe boxes. We covered them with paper, card and straw. When they were finished, we went to the field and put them in rows. When we were away from them, Mr Leaver set the bakery on fire first. Then the fire got big, and the wind was blowing it.
By Edward (Woodpeckers) and Anna (Wrens)

IMG 0301

We made houses at school from cardboard and paper. After we finished them, we went over the field and burnt them. The bakery started the fire. We felt sad that our houses burnt down. The flames were small. The fire in London lasted 3 days.
by Isabelle (Woodpeckers) and Kendra (Wrens)

IMG 0307

We covered shoes boxes with white paper and straw. We took them to the field and started a fire. The flames were massive. The fire was burning hot. We sat in lines and watched as our houses burnt.
By Blanca (Woodpeckers) and Toby (Wrens)

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The children are really looking forward to their trip to London in a few weeks time, when they will see where the Great Fire happened!

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