The Great Fire of London!

The children in Key Stage 1 have been learning about London this term and of course this topic about our capital city had to include the Great Fire which almost destroyed it. After finding out all the facts the children set about creating their own Tudor city, using huge amounts of cardboard boxes, sticky tape, paint and hay.

To understand the speed with which the fire spread you have to be able to see it first hand, so a replica of Pudding Lane was built on the school field and with everyone keeping a safe distance the first sparks flew! The children were amazed to see how quickly their ‘houses’ were turned to ash.

In Year 2, we made Tudor houses using boxes covered in white paper. We used black strips of paper to create the hard, wooden beams. On top of the roof, we put hay to make a thatched roof. After we had built it, we took them to the field and put them close together to create Pudding Lane. We set fire to the bakery and watched it burn. The fire spread really quickly because they were close together and the wind blew it across the houses.

All of us enjoyed it!

We made a film of the Great Fire, click below:


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