The Wrens are on Fire this Term!

We've had a fantastic time with the Wrens class since we returned to school in September. The children have all worked incredibly hard since they started year one and all the staff who work with them are impressed with their learning style and resilience.

In history last half term, we were looking at British events and studied the Great Fire of London and the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The children were very excited to create their own ‘Great Fire of Lambs Lane’ and were very knowledgeable about all the key facts. They also enjoyed acting out the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. This half term we are looking at fighting for a cause and kicked off the week by studying Guy Fawkes. The children were so excited and enthusiastic about their learning and really impressed Mrs Gee.

In geography we have been studying settlements and compared Spencers Wood, London and Mumbai. The children all made lots of different comparisons and discussed which place they would rather live in. To top off the unit, the children enjoyed an amazing day in London seeing Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Pudding Lane. Despite an exhausting day with plenty of walking, the children had a wonderful day and made plenty of memories.

The children have all made fantastic progress within their learning, especially in phonics where all children have made 100% progress this half term and are becoming more fluent and confident readers.

Well done Wrens for all the effort and hard work you put in every day. You should all be extremely proud of yourself.

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