TV Stars of the Autumn!

There was much excitement in school on Tuesday 14th May as we hosted some filming for Defenders UK. Playforce Playgrounds, who installed our fantastic play equipment were being interviewed for an episode all about playground safety.

The episode is due to air in Autumn 2021. It will cover the importance of planning and installing playgrounds with safety in mind and how critical safety inspections are too. Lambs Lane was asked to host the filming as we have been through the process recently and followed the best process possible.

Our playground was in planning for months and although the installation was relatively quick in just 3 weeks, safety was considered at all points. Before any children were allowed on to the equipment a final post installation inspection happened. We carry out weekly inspections and have an annual inspection programme set up too.

Patrick from Playforce was filmed giving an interview and they filmed shots of our playground. To make it interesting filming happened not just in the play area but also on our field and the front playground. We're looking forward to seeing our school on the tv!

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