News from the Wrens

It has been a strange start to the year with bubbles, handwashing and not being able to see the rest of the school.

We have been so busy in the Wrens class though. Last term, we were learning all about our planet and the changes that are happening. We found out that our oceans are becoming littered with huge amounts of plastic. We wanted to do our part so some of us have been litter picking and in class we re-used some plastic to create some artwork. Our bottle fish and jellyfish are now dangling proudly from the ceiling in our classroom.

IMG 6108   IMG 6109

In Geography, we thought about the climate in Spencers Wood and how it was different to the Arctic. We looked at a map of an Arctic area and decided where we would build our settlement. Some of us thought near the trees as there would be plenty of wood to build with and there might be deer to hunt. Others thought near the sea so that we could fish for our food. Where would you build your home?


In Design and Technology, we have been doing a variety of projects. We found out what foods were healthy and made salads using different tools. We also made some brilliant weather stations with moving parts which linked to our topic of climate!

IMG 5647  IMG 5651  IMG 6052