Recycling at Lambs Lane with Terracycle

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We are pleased to be part of the Terracycle recycling scheme. This scheme allows us to not only recycle but potentially fundraise for the school, depending on how much recycling we send to Terracycle.

Below you can find out more about the schemes we are signed up to, and more about Terracycle.

EllaCycle - Ella's pouches and other babyfood packaging.

The Colgate Oral Care Recycling Programme. - toothpaste packaging as well as oral care products.

The Pringles Can Recycling Scheme. - all Pringles cans.

The Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme. - all crisp packets.

The RB Hygiene Home Recycling Programme. - flexible home cleaning product packaging.

All about Terracycle.


We are on the waiting list to join more schemes, as these are confirmed we will update this page!


Everyday Recycling.

As a school we already recycle paper, plastic, card and much more with Biffa. And, we collect crisp packets for our Terracycle scheme.


Making Music!

We have our very own recycled music and water play stand on our field. This was built using recycled materials! We are always on the look out for things to add to our stand, donations are very welcome please bring them to the school office. We need pots, pans, wooden utensils, plastic containers, small metal objects, wooden objects, anything that can be hung up to make noise, drain pipes, guttering and tubing!

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