Returning to School - June 2020

This page will be used to update Parents and Carers with frequently asked questions, staffing arrangements and plans for reopening in June 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions (updated 26/05/2020):

  1. Is it still an Inset Day on June 1st?  No
  2. Is it completely up to us if we send our children to school?  Yes
  3. Will there be repercussions if we do not send our children to school?  Not financial – the government has announced that parents will not be fined for not sending children to school as a result of Covid 19.
  4. Will school still finish on 21st July?  At this point, our focus is on re-opening. We have made no plans to change the date of the end of term. However, we will be responsive to government guidance and the needs of pupils and staff.
  5. Will children be expected to continue learning through the summer holidays?  The government has spoken about the need to help children catch up on missed learning but at this point they have not discussed their strategy for this.