Absence, Attendance and Timekeeping

Absence due to Illness 

If your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please make sure you contact the school as follows:

On the first day of absence a phone call or email before Registration (9am) to let us know your child will not be at school.

If your child is going to be off for an extended period of time, please ensure you call or email the school at the earliest opportunity letting us know how long they are likely to be off for.

Any absence that is longer than 2 days must be confirmed in writing (letter, email or In App Message) to ensure your child is recorded as authorised absence.


Sickness and Diarrhoea

If your child has a sickness bug we ask that they do not come back to school until they are symptom free for 48 hours.

If your child is sick following, for example a coughing fit, we suggest a 24 hour absence to be sure it isn't a sickness bug.


Doctor and Hospital Appointments

If your child has a Doctor or Hospital appointment, please notify the school by phone or email as you would for any other absence. Please also provide a copy of the appointment confirmation letter, email or text.


Why is it important for your child to arrive to school on time?

As a result of your child arriving late, they may have missed the following types of learning....

  • Reading
  • Responding to teachers marking and making improvements to their work
  • Thinking challenges and problem solving activities
  • Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
  • Handwriting practice
  • Mental Maths and times table practice
  • Individual reading
  • Phonics

School starts at 09.00. It is important for your child's emotional wellbeing, learning and progress that they arrive in plenty of time for the start of the day. Pupils that arrive after 09.00 will be marked as late "L". Registers close at 09.10, pupils that arrive after this time will be marked as late after registers close "U". U is an unauthorised absence. 

Persistent lateness may be reported to the Educational Welfare Officer. 

Please do contact the School Office for guidance and help.

email: admin@lambslane.wokingham.sch.uk

telephone: 0118 9883820