Home Learning

Governors and staff have reviewed the expectations that the school has regarding home learning. Parents appear to be split between those who find supporting their child at home the most stressful time of the week, and those who celebrate the opportunity to work alongside their child and help them to consolidate skills. Current educational research suggests that, in the primary school, the impact of home learning is extremely limited and teachers, whilst recognising that it has some value, are frustrated that so few pupils complete it and that they have to spend so much of their time chasing it up and supervising it being finished in school.

As such, we have looked for ways to keep it simple for teachers to administer, and yet provide opportunities for children to practice the key skills that they have been learning at school. Having analysed the comments made in end of year reports, we could see that the main concern of teachers related to reading and quick recall of times tables/number bonds. The reality is that you will only get better at reading by reading more. In the same way, being able to process numbers quickly increases your confidence and skills in mathematics, and yet in-school strategies such as Big Bash and Times Tables challenges are not the complete answer. We have, therefore, decided to make Reading and Number our first priorities.

Each class teacher has put together some home learning advice. Please click on the links below to view this advice. It covers reading, mathematics, writing and, gives links to some websites related to the Creative Curriculum that you may wish to share with your child. In years 2 to 6, the children have access to Times Table Rock Stars which is an online maths programme. Please speak to your child's class teacher if they do not know their log in details.

Below is also a link to a useful website which is a completely free interactive set of maths worksheets that cover a range of topics:

Maths Wizz

We recognise that Home Learning may not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and we are prepared to be flexible, where possible, to meet the needs of all of our pupils. If you have difficulty accessing material online, please come and see us about how we can help. Equally, if you need support sourcing more material for your child to do at home, speak to teachers and we will try to help you with that.

As ever, if you have any comments or questions about the changes being made, please come in and speak to us.


Click on the links below to find out about your child's year group's home learning advice.