Picture News

An area of focus for the school is the development of oracy skills. Whilst competence in the tested areas of the curriculum such as reading, writing and maths is crucial, it is key that children are able to express their thoughts, feeling, knowledge and understanding verbally as well. We are developing a number of strategies to support our children with the development of vocabulary and other oracy strategies such as reasoning and confidence in speaking in front of an audience and one of the resources that we will be using is Picture News.

Each week we will receive some resources related to a current topic. This will include activities for assembly, early morning work and also includes a topic to prompt a conversation at home. We would like to encourage you to share this with your child, perhaps over the evening meal or in a quiet 5 minutes. Staff in school will be following this up the next week and so your support will be invaluable. There is a space for making notes on the worksheet but that is optional.

We hope that you enjoy sharing ideas and opinions with your child and we look forward to hearing them in school.