At Lambs Lane our ambition is for all our pupils to leave having the right knowledge, skills and personal characteristics to be able to make a positive contribution to the society in which we live. We make this happen through our curriculum which is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning, personal growth and development.

In developing our curriculum, we considered:

  • The National Curriculum
  • The learning opportunities that will most benefit our pupils
  • The values and beliefs held by the school
  • The nature of learning

We want our pupils to:

  • Be aspirational
  • Understand that they have choices,
  • Know their place within their community
  • Know their impact on the wider global community.

The development of oracy (the ability to communicate effectively using spoken language) is a key feature of our curriculum as it will enable our pupils to share their ideas and opinions, whilst ensuring that they are understood by those who they wish to influence.

We make links between different subjects and topics, encouraging the children to interrogate the information that they are exposed to. To make these links, we introduce and revisit concepts such as climate, legacy and leadership. For example, Y2 consider who had the biggest impact as a leader – Nelson Mandela, Gandhi or Queen Victoria?

Children work towards mastery of a subject, which in our school looks like this:


Apply the skill or knowledge without recourse to the teacher


Apply the skill and knowledge with a high level of confidence and show good resilience when the task seems demanding


Apply the skill and knowledge to a range of different contexts, including other areas of the curriculum


Consistently use their skills, knowledge and understanding


Organise ideas to make connections with other areas of learning and new areas


Return to this aspect of learning after a break and still feel confident that they can work on the skill and knowledge without difficulty

Explain it

Able to explain to others their understanding and perhaps be a learning buddy to others


As parents the best thing that you can do to support your child is to discuss what they have been learning at school (if they can’t tell you, you can check on their year group Curriculum Overview). Then help them to make the links between other experiences that you have had, stories, things that are happening in the news. E.g. When your child is learning about the Roman Empire invading Britain, you could discuss whether that is happening anywhere in the world today.

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