Article written by Sebastian Naish (Y6)


A couple of weeks ago, year 5 and 6 went away to PGL. We had an amazing time. Below is some more information about our trip.

First, we went to school. We had an option to come in at 9.00am or 10.30 am. We put our luggage in the front playground along with the parents. Then, Mrs French took the register and the time arrived for getting on the coach and waving goodbye to our parents. I had my pillow with me so I was all set to go. The journey was a 40-minute one so not as bad as it could’ve been; we sang songs and laughed on the coach and then finally we got there. We had to put our bags outside because our rooms weren’t ready yet. We had to bring our own packed lunch so we ate on the field outside. Then, we went to do our activities with our groups. By the time we got back, our rooms were ready so we all rushed to get our bags and went straight to our rooms which had our names on them so we knew who we were sharing a room with. A room had two bunk beds so four beds but some people only had two or three people in a room. After that, we had dinner - it was beef burgers which were amazing. A great first day!


In the morning, Mrs Miekel greeted us with a song - it was making my ears die. We got up, got dressed and headed out to breakfast at half past 7. Additionally, we went for our first activities. Mine was disc golf, which is a sport where you have to throw a frisbee into a net in a certain amount of tries. We played that and I won out of my whole group. Then we went to our rooms to get ready for our next activities. I had the giant swing, which was terrifying, and then we had lunch, which was a jacket potato with an option of tuna, beans or cheese. For our final activities of the day, we had canoeing. There were loads of beautiful gold fish in the pond. In the end, we got to jump in - it was freezing! End of the day, we had dinner which was chicken bites. This was the best bit of the day because we went to a camp fire and had smores. After that, we read then blogged before was lights out but some kids stayed up till midnight eating all their supplies of sweets along with drinks as well. Eventually, it went silent throughout the corridor.


Stay tuned for part 2…after half term!