Sports and Activity Clubs

Each term, staff, our Sports Coach and parent volunteers run a number of after school clubs. Forms to join the clubs are sent out to parents at the beginning of each term with full details. 

After school clubs allow children the chance to let off a bit of steam outside the classroom in a safe, familiar environment where there is no pressure. The main objective is for the children to have fun and enjoy themselves! Children can benefit emotionally and behaviourally if they feel a positive connection to other people. .

Sports clubs will vary from term to term. Currently we are offering 8 sports clubs for differing age groups across the school. Please be aware that some clubs are very popular and numbers are limited so we work on a first come, first serve basis.


Y1/2 - Gym Dance

Y3/4 - Archery


Y3/4 - Rugby

Y5/6 - Gymnastics


Y1/2 - Athletics

KS2 - Running

Y5/6 - Netball


Y5/6 Frisbee