School Development Plan

2019-2022 Key Priorities

We would like your support to make improvements to the following areas:


Strategic Intents


At Home

Strategic Intent 1 – Outcomes

To improve outcomes for all pupils, with a particular focus on English in KS1 and writing in KS2

Develop the teaching of reading and writing in KS1 through the Read, Write Inc. programme

Improve reading in KS2 through Accelerated Reader

Increase independence in writing at KS2

Develop staff knowledge and skills to improve Maths Mastery

Close the attainment gap for Pupil Premium through conferencing and 1:1 tuition

Read 5 times a week at home and discuss what they have read.

Support with any phonics practice that they bring home such as flash cards etc.

Create opportunities at home for your child to do some writing.

KS2 use of TT rockstars to improve times table recall.

Strategic Intent 2 – Mental Health and Well-Being

To improve the mental health and well-being of pupils and staff

Establish mental health and well-being as a central part of school improvement

Embed an understanding of wellbeing, mental health and resilience across the whole school community

 Talk openly about mental health at home.

Model good habits.

Think about phone and tablet usage at home - yours and theirs.

Notice any changes in your child's behaviour and talk to someone.

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Strategic Intent 3 – Curriculum

Continue to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of pupils at Lambs Lane

The principles of the curriculum are understood by all stakeholders

Principles are embedded in curriculum planning

Standards in all subjects are improved

Pupils and parents are engaged in the curriculum and it encourages further learning

Encourage children to talk about their learning in school.

Do some research at home about the topics the children are learning about.

Strategic Intent 4 – CPD

Encourage all staff to improve their performance through access to quality CPD opportunities, and support to embed learning

Develop a CPD strategy

Develop the ‘coaching programme’ within the school to ensure positive outcomes


Strategic Intent 5 – Collaboration

Develop the working relationships between Lambs Lane and its partner schools to improve outcomes for staff and pupils in all schools

Develop the Action Research groups established with Rivermead: Maths Mastery, Oracy, Moderation in KS2

Engage with other SLA hubs to learn from their experiences

Maintain links with Cluster Schools for communication

Moderation and subject leader network meetings