At Lambs Lane, we aim to provide all pupils with a high-quality music education which engages and inspires children to develop a life-long love of music, increases their self-confidence, creativity, and imagination.

Lambs Lane follows a music scheme called Charanga which engages pupils in the music curriculum. Charanga provides a skeleton to our provision for: singing, appreciation of music and composition. The scheme is based on a progression of skills taken from the Early Years Framework and the Primary National Curriculum. Teachers at Lambs Lane also adapt this to provide musical opportunities connected to the children’s interests and their wider curriculum learning.

At Lambs Lane, we have a good range of instruments which are used in music lessons, including class sets of tuned and un-tuned percussion. Annually, one year group are enrolled in the Berkshire Maestro’s In2Music project where they are taught a tuned instrument and the basics of reading music.

Singing is a large part of Lambs Lane school life. The children sing daily in assembly as a whole school and we have a weekly singing assembly. They are taught how to warm up their voices, sing in rounds and simple harmonies, and build up a repertoire of songs. We also encourage our pupils to learn the Makaton signs along with selected songs. The singing we do in these singing assemblies often becomes a vital part of our whole school celebrations. In addition to performing as a whole school, each phase sings as part of their showcase throughout the year.

Lambs Lane also have a choir. Pupils in the choir can take part in a range of collaborative music festivals throughout the year. Some of these festivals/concerts provide additional opportunities to perform as a dancer or a soloist.

Through the exposure to a variety of different genres and the opportunities to explore how music is created for themselves, we hope our pupils leave with a passion for self-exploration in the context of music and a desire to build on their learning.