At Lambs Lane, we believe that Science activities should capitalise on pupils' natural abilities and interests. All children are capable of achieving high standards in science. The use of first-hand experience is an essential characteristic, covering the three main areas; physics, chemistry and biology. Science must lay down the foundations of knowledge, which will enable pupils to develop confidently within a scientific and technological society and become capable of reflective and adaptive planning and decision-making.

Our children are taught in a practical way and are encouraged to use investigative and observational skills. The children work independently and in small groups to make conclusions and consider evidence. From the start of their education in the Early Years, they are encouraged to explore and ask questions. Insecure, superficial understanding will not allow genuine progression in scientific knowledge so we believe it is vital to revisit learning. Each year, the children are taught how to build on previously learnt skills. Teachers use proof of progress (POP) tasks at points during the year to assess the depth of the children’s understanding:

  • Basic: surface, temporary, often lost
  •  Mastery: it sticks, can be recalled and used
  • Deep: can be transferred and applied in different contexts.

It is our hope that all of our children can master the science curriculum and begin to develop a deep understanding of the key concepts taught.

Throughout their time at Lambs Lane, all children will plan questions to explore, decide on equipment they need, conduct experiments, collect information and present their findings. As they move from EYFS into Key Stage 1 and then into Key Stage 2, they will learn to fine tune their enquiry skills and apply developing mathematical skills when recording and presenting data.

Visitors, trips and extra-curricular activities help to compliment and broaden the science curriculum that the children are exposed to. During science week, we immerse the children in enquiry skill based experiments that draw on a wide variety of aspects of the curriculum.

By the time they leave Lambs Lane, we want all of our children to be excited and challenged by science in the real world. We want them to have an in-built curiosity, become a scientific thinker or even an aspire to have a career in science.